Be Happy, Be Grateful, Be Free, Be You


Imagine life as a series of journeys.

You have a purpose, a calling which you have been brought to this earth for to fulfil. Yet how do you find out what your calling is, and once you have, how do you pursue it?

These are questions I have asked myself my entire life.

To answer them, I use this metaphor:

You are on a journey through a beautiful landscape where flowers grow along winding paths and butterflies fill the air, but you may also encounter hills, rocks and dark forests. As you may have guessed, this can be compared to challenges, fears and setbacks and on the other hand, desirable experiences and people. Either way, where the

path leads is up to you. 

The goal, is to travel to the mountain peak.


about ula

About me

Ula Wyss is a global citizen leaving her mark on this planet as a speaker, coach and dancer.

Growing up in Switzerland and Malaysia, learning from a Swiss Entrepreneur Father and a Polish Facilitator as a Mum, she has definitely had a unique life experience so far. From a very young age, she promised herself, that she would follow her dream and do what makes her happy and fulfilled, rather than going for a safe, well-paid job.

She listened to her heart, and having gone one step at a time, and now she serves as an international speaker, coach and professional dancer, having performed and spoken in front of more than 2000 people with the vision to inspire her audiences to go after their own dream. Ula stands for having a vision, a dream and striving to achieve it. To go out of one’s comfort zone, to find what you love to do, to stay true to yourself and achieve it.

Having a purpose and meaning in our own life and that of others is what drives us as human beings. It is what connects us. The beauty is that everyone is unique and has their own dream, and of course, a unique journey. Her coaching and seminars focus on finding that dream, and living the best version of yourself. She has taken up the goal to empower as many people as she can and to create an international network.



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One-On-One Coaching


When I work with someone, the focus lies on who you are and what makes you unique:

To get an understanding of how you view life and what is important to you

To analyse and recognise your values

Together, we answer the question “Who am I?”


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Instead of using the same system for everyone, I adjust my thinking structure, questions and tasks for each person. Trying to draw red with a blue pen simply won’t work. So instead of developing a rigid coaching system, I decided to do the opposite. I let the system develop itself as I work with you.

I help you realise how you can use what makes you different to your advantage. I support you on your way to figuring out who you are and what you really want, by reminding you that you are beautiful just the way you are.

I am not there to tell you how to do something or to be someone you are not.

Being yourself, and finding your strength in that can be one of the most challenging things in life. It is so difficult for some people in fact, that they unconsciously hide their true self, in fear of being found and thus never live the life of the unique being they truly are.

The coaching programme explores the following questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where do I want to go?
  3. What do I already have?
  4. Creating an action plan?

Me as a Coach

The goal is to accompany you on your way to your achievement. To be there for guidance, questions and potential fall backs. I am not there to tell you how to get to the goal or how to do anything. At most, I will suggest solutions. The goal is for you to be independent and to have learnt to listen to your heart. Once there, I have done my job.

And even then, I am still available for an occasional helping hand.

Achieving your goal is a matter of reason, self-confidence, discipline and having someone to help get you there.



To sign up for the coaching programme, feel free to contact me.

If you are located in Munich, we can have a face-to-face coaching, for Internationals, I will gladly have Skype sessions. If I travel, you may also see me in Malaysia – or South East Asia – and other parts of Europe.

The introductory session is for free, to get to know each other.


The Unique Life Awareness Course


Are you prepared to find out who you really are?

Do you want to explore what makes you tick and ignites your passion?

Are you ready to really know what path in life is uniquely yours achieve what you want and not what family, society and everybody else expects?  

If your answer is ‘Yes’, welcome to The Unique Life Awareness programme, a programme designed to empower you to be YOU as you activate your life compass for your next steps.


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What is it about?


The Unique Life Awareness Programme is:

  • A 6-month Coaching & Development Programme for young adults aged 16 – 26
  • It consists of 4 Workshops and 4×1-1 Coaching sessions following a particular flow
  • The first programme invites 10-12 participants

What is in it for you?

  • It helps you to understand the depth of life & the foundational truths about happiness and what it means to be truly present
  • It teaches you fundamental orientations that are essential in everyday life: a positive attitude, your uniqueness and harmony within yourself
  • It promotes understanding within yourself of who you are and fosters self-acceptance
  • It empowers you to develop self-confidence in being your unique self
  • It shows you how to leverage your unique life experience in a positive way to achieve your goals successfully while bringing clarity into your life and the choices you make
  • It shows you how your unique upbringing can be positive one and when leveraged might be a big advantage in today’s world
  • It gives you the chance to be part of a positive group dynamic and support system. As we foster understanding, respect, appreciation for ourselves, we also to do so for others which builds strong, caring and encouraging relationships with each other

Course Language:

  • English
  • (I can support in German, as I am fluent)

Mind Food


Listen to the speech I gave at toastmasters. It is all about mind food and how you can create the mind food good for you.


Living in Abundance


What does Abundance mean and how can we create more of it in our life?



Thoughts create reality


Okay, thoughts do have an impact on reality. But how? And why? Listen to this podcast to find out more.


Events in Munich


The Journeys of Life Series


Who are we?

We are a group of unique people each on our own journey, growing along the way.

This is a series where we discuss following topics:

  • What is my life purpose and how do I follow it
  • Goal planning – how to go about it effectively
  • Personal Growth
  • Happiness – is it really all we want and need?
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more topics are to come.


English Cashflow Club Munich


Who are we?

We are an English speaking Cashflow Club based in Munich and meet every two weeks

to play the game Cashflow 101, to learn from each other and share our experiences in our own financial freedom.

The rewards of being in the club are:

  • Learning about investment
  • Applying lessons learnt in real life
  • Networking, meeting new people
  • Having fun

English Cashflow Club Munich is a growing club, with regular players from international backgrounds, as well as newcomers. We have people of all ages, our youngest member being 14 years old. We always welcome first time players, and are a very open group.


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What is Cashflow 101?

Cashflow 101 is a board game, comparable to monopoly. Yet while in monopoly, one plays to win the game and to have as much money as possible, here, we play in a co-operative manner, the goal being to get out of the rate race.

We all start with a job, and with that, we are in the rat race of the employed life - working to make a living. You get out of the rat race by investing in different assets, such as real estate, which provide you with passive income. As your passive income exceeds your expenses, you have reached financial freedom.

Why play a board game?

It may seem silly to play a board game to then apply it's principles in real life, yet, this game displays how we experience life in a very realistic manner. And by playing, we can try out different strategies and possibilities in a safe environment, with play money and fake jobs. Once we understand the game, we can start changing our life. Plus, it&39;s fun!






München kocht!
Kazmairstrasse 28
80339 München

Future dates:

Sundays, 2pm -5pm







2.00pm - Arriving and networking

2. 15pm - Introduction presentation

2.30pm - Cashflow 101 Game start

3.25pm - Review/Insight session, Snack Break

3.40pm - Game continues

4.40pm - Conclusion, Feedback and Networking

5.00pm - End of Meetup
you are welcome to join us for a drink or two in the cafe nearby



15 Euros (water and snacks are provided)

  • Please transfer 15 Euros until 1 Day before the Event.
  • Once you sign up, a spot will be reserved for you, so please do understand that the 15 Euros will be charged if you cancel less than 24 hours before.



Join The Community


The Journeys of Life Facebook Group

Some people dream of having more free time to do what they truly love, to sing, to paint, to dance. Others want that free time to spend with family. And yet other's big dream is to finally buy that mansion and sports car.

What do you want? Join a group of dreamers on the road to making their dream reality.


The Journeys of Life Group


English Cashflow Club Facebook Group

Are you interested in financial freedom, investments and entrepreneurship? Then this platform may be for you. Join the group to meet like-minded people, learn about your areas of interest and be updated about upcoming events. 



English Cashflow Club Group

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