Finding Motivation From Within


The Journeys of Life Series: Finding Motivation From Within

What motivates you the most, what motivates you the least?

Those were the two questions we started the introduction round with on Saturday night, with a lot of interesting answers. What motivates a lot of people seemed to be making a change and doing what makes them happy. Also, a very nice answer was "I am motivated when people around me smile and are in a good mood". The two things that demotivates people the most is being stuck in a routine and not being appreciated for what they do.

After this, we had a little competition. The goal of the three groups was to find as many ways someone can be motivated as possible. In the end, all groups combined came up with over 40 ideas! Here are a few:

  • Appreciation
  • Purpose
  • Treats
  • Threats
  • Challenge
  • Money
  • Love
  • Knowledge


In the end, we answered three very important questions for ourselves:

1. What do I want to do?



Define Your Goal, Achieve Your Goal

20 amazing people from 13 countries come together on a Saturday night, dedicated to personal growth.


Last Saturday, we had the first The Journeys of Life Meetup of the year 2018.  

As I said then, I was absolutely grateful to have been able to organise the meetup and stand on my own two feet, due to having suffered a concussion 2 weeks earlier. Going through this experience, I realised that life can change completely in an instance, and pondered what it would mean if I would not be able to dance every day, which is my absolute passion. So we started the meetup by recounting all the things we are grateful for, and then focusing on things we would like to change or do differently in 2018. We had some really great answers, with people wanting to make new friends, get to know Munich, learn a new language, take things more slowly and make a change in their lifestyle. 

Then we talked about meaning, and how a goal should come from the heart. For if a goal has a deeper


The Journeys of Life Series
The Journeys of Life Meetup Group
Who are we?

We are a group of individuals each on our own unique journey in life, finding and living our purpose. We find ways to work together and support each other to achieve our personal goals, as well as being there for our community and the planet.

The kind, creative and ambitious people in this group bring a fun and special environment to our meetups. Friendships form, ideas spark and solutions are found. Our experiences, stories and achievements are as diverse as the cultures we are from, with people joining from over 25 countries.

This is not just an opportunity to meet up, but a possibility to grow. To grow as a human being, and to grow as a community. The questions we ask, range from “How do I live authentically?”and “how do I stop talking and start doing?” to “How can I and WE be of service?”

We aim to create a life of meaning, and this can be something different for every individual. It is up to us, to be a little bit bett
Seven ways to kickstart the New Year

2018 is around the corner. And so I would like to share some of my favourite tips of starting the new year with you in this video. The New Year will bring great fun, unforgetable experiences and beautiful places. Perhaps even a challenge or two, and it will definitely be an opportunity to grow for every single person out there. What do you do to start the New Year?


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